LUCAP Projects

Caring Across Cultures assists with Cafe con Ingles, an agency that offers English language learning opportunities to adults through St. Anthony of Padua Church.  

Habitat for Humanity partners with Habitat’s New Orleans chapter to build affordable housing and to raise consciousness about rebuilding efforts. 

Hunger Relief visits Ozanam Inn, a homeless men’s shelter, on Sunday afternoons to provide lunch for and to talk with the clients of the downtown New Orleans shelter. Occaisionally, Hunger Relief volunteers will also assist with meal service at Crescent City Cafe on Saturdays. 

People for Animal Welfare and Service (PAWS) strives to bring a concern for animals to campus while providing assistance to animal rescue and welfare organizations in the New Orleans community. F

Students Against Hyper-Incarceration (SAHI) is a Loyola University New Orleans Organization founded in 2012. Our mission is to raise awareness of America’s mass incarceration system as the new “Jim Crow” in which people of color are targeted and victimized based upon race, and forced into the bottom of a caste system for the financial benefit of the “protectors” of the system. Students Against Hyper Incarceration's focus is to inform members of minority youth of their rights through the promotion of juvenile justice in particular the school to prison pipeline. 

Students Moving Into the Lives of the Elderly (SMILE) goes out monthly to the Uptown Shepherd Center to host fun and interactive events, bringing volunteers and senior citizens together.  

Best Buddies Volunteer for different events held by the Down Syndrom Association of a Greater New Orleans. Participate in the 'Miracle League' were Best Buddies volunteers and play sports with the kids. Also, holds the 'Spread the Word to End the Word' campaign to provide awareness. 

Students Seeking Solidarity (SSS) is committed to working for international peace through justice.  The main event is the yearly trip to Fort Benning, Georgia to the SOA/WHINSEC Peace Vigil, and events on campus leading up to the trip. 

If you have any questions on how to participate in any or all the LUCAP Projects just visit the LUCAP Office in the basement of the Danna Center.

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