LUCAP Attends Fairfield Exchange Dinner, Meets a Surprise Guest 

LUCAP students meet with Fairfield University.

During a joint event put on by LUCAP and a visitng alternative break group from Fairfield University, LUCAP leaders had the opportunity to share their views on volunteerism and service.  Volunteers from LUCAP and Fairfield shared a simple meal together, and later participated in a "speed dating" style dialogue. 

Katrina survivor Abdulrahman ZeitounBefore the speed dating could begin, however, LUCAP volunteers were treated to a special event: Famed Katrina survivor Abdulrahman Zeitoun joined the groups for dinner. Zeitoun, a native of Syria, was the subject of a nonfiction book written by Dave Eggers. The book tells Zeitoun's story of survival and unjust imprisonment during the days following Hurricane Katrina. Mr. Zeitoun, who also owns a successful painting business in New Orleans, answered students' questions with levity. When asked how his fame has affected business, Zeitoun joked, "Now some people don't call me, because they think I don't need work!"

Students took seats opposite from each other and spent two minutes at a time answering a question realting to service, Jesuit values, or New Orleans. After the two minutes were up, one row of students rotated and a new question was read.The dinner took place in Tulane's Chapel of the Holy Spirit, where the Fairfield group stayed during their week of service. 

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