Weddings in Ignatius Chapel

Ignatius Chapel is not a parish church. Weddings normally are celebrated at the local parish church. However, weddings may be celebrated in Ignatius Chapel under the following conditions:

  • If one of the parties is a student, faculty or staff member, or an alumnus… or
  • If the officiant is a Jesuit or a member of the Loyola faculty/staff.
  • Any exceptions to the above conditions for a Catholic wedding and/or approval for a non-Catholic wedding is made by the Director of University Ministry.

If you are interested in celebrating your wedding in Ignatius Chapel, please contact the Associate Chaplain for Sacraments and Faith Formation as soon as possible. If the chapel is available and you meet the necessary criteria, you will be sent the wedding guidelines, the reservation form and a Delegation Request form for the officiating Priest or Deacon for Catholic weddings.

The officiating priest must receive written delegation for Catholic weddings from the pastor of Holy Name of Jesus Church.  All marriage preparation must be handled through the officiating priest and Holy Name of Jesus Church.  Please be aware that there are a number of documents that you must complete to receive delegation from Holy Name of Jesus Church.  The minister handling your marriage preparation can assist you in completing them.

Those documents include:
A copy of your baptismal certificate dated within six months of the wedding

  • Death certificate of former spouse or Catholic annulment decree for anyone who has been previously married
  • Certificate showing attendance of Engaged Encounter Weekend or Day for the Engaged
  • Permission from bride's parish to be married outside her parish
  • Pre-nuptial inquiry (to be completed during marriage preparation)

No date is confirmed until the couple has spoken to the Associate Chaplain for Sacraments and Faith Formation, filled out the “Reservation for Ignatius Chapel” form, and paid the $100.00 deposit (to be returned after the wedding provided that all guidelines are observed.)  The Manresa Den, (when available) will also be booked along with the chapel for all weddings.  It is a small gathering room off the main hallway to the chapel. Additionally, a chapel fee of $150.00 is due 30 days prior to the wedding. The date and time of the wedding may be negotiated with the Associate Chaplain for Sacraments and Faith Formation based on staff availability and other events in the chapel.  All regular U.M. events take precedence for available dates.  No weddings may be scheduled between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Other guidelines are available from the office of University Ministry, 504-865-3226, or you can email the main UMIN office at

The Chapel is an on-campus church located in one of our academic buildings.  It is an intimate setting that can accommodate 200 people.  If you are looking for a bigger venue, you can contact the Holy Name of Jesus Parish Center to obtain information about their Church located on St. Charles Avenue.  Their number is (504) 865-7430.

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