Seder Meal

The annual Seder Meal is offered at many locales near Loyoal University. We invite you to learn more about the Jewish celebration of the Seder in this educational version of a family Seder Meal. This popular event is held at the Jewish Community Center, the Greater New Orleans Jewish Federation.

What is the Seder Meal?

For more than a generation, Jews have been sharing the beautiful experience of the Passover festival and the special Seder Meal ritual with people of other faiths. This event is designed to educate people of other faiths about the Seder Meal. In essence, it is a Seder Meal in slow motion, with plenty of explanation of each ritual. It is not a restaging of the Seder Meal, but an authentic celebration with Jews leading their friends and neighbors as guests in this traditional experience of table fellowship.

Preparations will be made, symbolic actions and items will be used and explained, prayers will be recited and sung, stories will be shared, and of course… food will be eaten! We invite you to be part of the table gathered, so that you can experience this wonderful celebration.

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