Ramadan Dinner

Date: TBA

The annual Ramadan dinner is free and open to everyone in the Loyola community. We invite you to learn more about the Islamic observance of Ramadan and to share in a wonderful meal with Muslims who are breaking their daily fast! This popular event is co-sponsored by Atlas Interfaith Foundation

What is Ramadan?

For Muslims around the world, Ramadan begins at the dawn of the new moon of the 9th month in the Islamic calendar. The season marks Muhammad’s reception of the divine revelation recorded in the Qur’an. It is the holiest time of the Islamic year, and although the act of fasting during daylight hours is the most well known practice, Muslims around the world use Ramadan as a time to purify their lives of any earthly pleasures that interfere with their faith and a time when they renew their spiritual focus. Muslims also appreciate the feeling of togetherness shared by family and friends throughout the month. Perhaps the greatest practical benefit is the yearly lesson in self-restraint and discipline that can carry forward to other aspects of a Muslim's life such as work and education and caring for others.

Because Ramadan is a lunar month, it begins about eleven days earlier each year. Throughout a Muslim's lifetime, Ramadan will fall both during winter months, when the days are short, and summer months, when the days are long and the fast is more difficult. In this way, the difficulty of the fast is evenly distributed between Muslims living in the northern and southern hemispheres.

As our Muslim brothers and sisters begin this month of Ramadan, let us offer them our support during this special time of reflection and renewal. Led by their example, may we, too, use this time to limit what distracts us from growing in our own faith.

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