Interfaith Ministries

Interfaith symbolsInterfaith Ministry at Loyola is designed to meet the spiritual needs of students from many faith backgrounds and to educate students about diverse faith traditions. Through partnerships with faith organizations in the Greater New Orleans area, our students and staff develop individual and ongoing programming that meets these ministry needs.

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Through the year, University Ministry sponsors presentations and events to highlight specific faith traditions. Some recent programs include:

  • Ramadan Iftar Dinner
  • Seder Meal
  • Martin Luther King Week for Peace
  • Seven Last Words of Christ
  • Ecumenical Way of the Cross

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Promoting Dialog

Loyola fosters a respect for the truth, goodness, and grace to be found in a diversity of faith traditions.  The Office of Mission and Ministry supports the faith formation of students/ faculty and staff of all religious backgrounds.   As a faith-based university, we seek to educate our community about the faith traditions of our world. and we encourage and promote dialogue and civil discourse.   Through the year, Mission and Ministry sponsors events and activities that highlight specific faith traditions.  Some recent programs include:Tibetan Monks

  • The Greek Orthodox Church by Father Anthony Stratis
  • The Lutheran Church by the Rev. Dr. Robert Gnuse
  • The Jewish High Holidays by Cantor Joel Coleman
  • The Methodist Religion by Max Zehner
  • Five Pillars of Islam by Atlas Interfaith
  • Worship Tour of New Orleans places of worship
  • Tibetan Monks visit
  • Noah’s Pudding for Ashure by Atlas Interfaith
  • Festival of Abraham hosted by the B’hai community

Finding God in All Things

From the earliest days of the Society of Jesus, Ignatius of Loyola sent Jesuits to Africa, Asia and the Americas, and their records of interactions with local people have helped shape our understanding of cultural history.  As a faith-based university, we seek to continue this and often pause to look closely at a specific culture to celebrate the unique contributions of that community to our world. Some recent presentations have included:

  • Black History Night of Culture
  • Israeli Consul Visit
  • Palestinian Film Festival 
  • Turkish Henna Night
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