Christian Life Communities

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Remember that you are only committing to the first three meetings. After that, you can decide whether CLC is for you for the whole year.

What is a CLC? 

Each Christian Life Community (CLC) is a group of people (usually between 6 to 10 members) that meets regularly to pray, reflect, and discuss issues of life and faith. Based in Ignatian spirituality, CLCs are missioned, discerning groups that help members find God in all things and discover their calling in life.

By living out the values of community, spirituality and service, CLCs are communities discerning for mission. Although CLCs are firmly based in the Catholic expression of Christianity, groups are open to members of any faith tradition who seek a deeper relationship to God and value the integrity of all creation.

What is a CLC meeting like?

Individual CLC meetings with 6 to 10 members usually take place once a week for about one hour. Regular meeting times and places are decided upon by the group. Although meetings may vary from group to group, the basic CLC meeting format includes the following:

  • opening and closing prayers
  • sharing on Scripture, a specific faith topic, or facet of Ignatian spirituality
  • sharing how God's presence has been felt in your life in the last week
  • sharing and giving support to each other's experiences of joy and difficulty
  • short meeting evaluation and planning for the next

In addition to these meetings, regularly planned social gatherings, prayer/retreat experiences and service outings take place with individual groups and/or the larger CLC community at Loyola. To learn more about CLCs or to participate in a group, contact the Associate Chaplain for CLCs, Laura Alexander at lqalexan@loyno.edu or stop by the Magis Lounge in the Danna Center.


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