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Fr. Gregory Waldrop, S.J.'s homily from Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, 2020 Fr. Gregory Waldrop, S.J.
Fr. Gregory Waldrop, S.J.'s homily from Holy Thursday - 2022 Fr. Gregory Waldrop, S.J.
Fr. Leo Nicoll, S.J.'s homily from Feast of St. Ignatius, 2016 Fr. Leo Nicoll, S.J.
Fr. Penn Dawson's homily from Ascension 2020 Fr. Penn Dawson, S.J.
Fr. Ted Dziak's homily from 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, 2015 Fr. Ted Dziak, S.J.
Fr. Ted Dziak, S.J.'s homily from 2nd Sunday of Easter, 2016 Fr. Ted Dziak, S.J.
Fr. Ted Dziak's homily from 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time, 2017 Fr. Ted Dziak, S.J.
Fr. Fred Kammer's Homily from the 2nd Sunday of Advent, 2013 Fred Kammer, S.J.
How the First Jesuits Became Involved in Education John W. O'Malley, S.J.

O'Malley presents how the Jesuits became involved in education, what they hoped to accomplish and how the tradition developed in the foundational years of the order. Published in The Jesuit Ratio Studiorum: 400th Anniversary Perspectives. Vincent J. Duminuco, S.J., Ed. (New York: Fordham University Press, 2000, pp.56-74.)

Of Kingfishers and Dragonflies Faith and Justice at the Core of Jesuit Education Joseph Daoust, S.J.

Joseph Daoust, S.J. examines how Jesuit education has at the core of its mission a commitment to faith and justice, carrying out that mission through educating so that students develop an organic vision of social reality and are challenged to lives of service after they graduate. He delivered this address on October 15, 1999 as one of the Santa Clara University Lectures.

Lenten Reflection Karen B. Reichard

Karen Reichard, director of the Women's Center at Loyola, reflects on the Lenten season.

9pm Mass Prayers of the Faithful Ken Weber

Prayers of the Faithful are written each week to correspond to the readings for that particular Sunday, and to reflect the prayers of the 9pm Mass community.

Alleluia Ken Weber

Gospel Acclamation used at the 9pm Sunday Student Mass in Ignatius Chapel.

Lord, Draw Us Near Ken Weber

Communion Song used during Lent at the 9pm Sunday Student Mass in Ignatius Chapel

Thanks Be to God Ken Weber

Final response used at 9pm Student Sunday Mass in Ignatius Chapel.

I Live Loyola Ken Weber
Lenten Morning of Reflection Ken Weber
We Are Loyola Ken Weber
2015 First Year Retreat - Team Leader Application Laura Alexander
CLC Facilitator Application 2015-2016 Laura Alexander