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What does Mathematics tell us about God Andrew P. Whitman, S.J.

Expanding on the work of Jean-Pierre Changeux and Alain Connes, Whitman explores the "world of mathematical reality, independent of us, which is outside of time and space."

We Are Loyola Ken Weber
University Ministry Orientation Presentation Laura Alexander
Third Sunday of Advent 2012
The Spiritual Humanism Of The Jesuits Ronald Modras

No enterprise, no matter how secular, is merely secular. We live in a universe of grace. From the Jesuit perspective, therefore, holiness and humanism require each other.

The Jesuit University in a Broken World Dean Brackley, S.J.

In a January 2005 lecture, Brackley addresses what it means to be a Jesuit / Christian / Catholic university and how such a university should pursue excellence.

The Jesuit Mission in Higher Education Si Hendry, S.J.

Hendry outlines how the tradition of St. Ignatius informs the characteristics that a Jesuit education should instill in its graduates.

The Ignatian Mission Rev. Howard Gray, S.J.

Jesuit ministry is about people who want to work in ways that help other people. That humble phrase, “to help people,” was the axle of grace for Ignatius of Loyola, transforming his religious experience from an introspective examination of his own life before God to a mystic summons to see the world as God sees it.

The Holy Holidays Lyle Henderson

Reflections on the holy days of The Church of the Living God.

Thanks Be to God Ken Weber

Final response used at 9pm Student Sunday Mass in Ignatius Chapel.

Ted Arroyo homily 8/12/12
Some Characteristics of Jesuit Colleges and Universities: A Self-Evaluation Instrument A.J.C.U.

This document is intended to be used by Jesuit universities and colleges in the United States as a tool for self-improvement, particularly with regard to their fulfillment of their Jesuit and Catholic identity. While this document focuses on the Catholic and Jesuit identity of our schools, it needs to be used in the context of the presupposition that an institution cannot be an excellent Catholic and Jesuit university unless it fulfills its mission to be an excellent university within the American academy, and therefore values highly academic freedom and peer review. With that as a starting point, the document lists seven characteristics appropriate to Jesuit institutions and gives examples of ways in which each characteristic might be observed in concrete terms.

Schedule for Discussions and Reflections
Rev. Fred Kammer, S.J., Homily, 4/15/12 Rev. Fred Kammer, S.J.
Reflection on Yom Kippur Carey Herman

A personal reflection on the Jewish Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur.

Reflection on Ramadan Cathie Eustis

A personal reflection on the Muslim holy month, Ramadan.

Reflection on Jewish High Holidays Cantor Joel Coleman

A personal reflection on the Jewish High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

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Peace Week 2014 Flyer
Of Kingfishers and Dragonflies Faith and Justice at the Core of Jesuit Education Joseph Daoust, S.J.

Joseph Daoust, S.J. examines how Jesuit education has at the core of its mission a commitment to faith and justice, carrying out that mission through educating so that students develop an organic vision of social reality and are challenged to lives of service after they graduate. He delivered this address on October 15, 1999 as one of the Santa Clara University Lectures.