The Lenten Retreat in Daily Life

Online retreat offered throughout Lent. Click here to subscribe to the online retreat.

On-Campus Retreat: March 14 - April 11, 2019

Registration Deadline (for on-campus retreat): February 20, 2018. Click here to register for the on-campus retreat. (You will be automatically subscribed to receive the daily emails.)

We don't always have the time to take a concentrated amount of time out of our schedule to make a retreat. This Retreat in Daily Life allows you to incorporate prayer into your busy schedule. The retreat helps you form prayerful habits and the discipline to be able to “find God in all things” in the context of your daily routine, relationships, and activities. 

Retreat materials will be emailed daily, and all are welcome to join the Loyola University New Orleans community in this Lenten Retreat. Click here to subscribe to the online retreat.

Live locally and looking for a more in-depth experience this Lent? Click here to register for the on-campus retreat. (You will be automatically subscribed to receive daily reflections.) Read more below to find out what the on-campus portion of our Retreat in Daily Life will include.

Main Components of the On-Campus Retreat in Daily Life

Daily Prayer

Your decision to make this retreat means that you are willing to commit to at least 20 minutes of daily prayer. It is the hope that the 20 minutes you spend being loved by God each day will flow from and flow into your daily attitudes and decisions.

Spiritual Direction or Companionship

As you make your retreat, you will have the opportunity to meet with a spiritual director or companion once a week for an hour. This time is for you to discuss your prayer experiences and life experiences with a companion on the journey who will help you to “find God in all things” and grow in intimacy with Christ and others.

Opening and Closing Gatherings

We mark the beginning and ending of our retreat by sharing a meal among the retreatants and spiritual directors and by praying for one another as we begin and conclude our retreats. These gatherings will be the only formal times that everyone will meet to pray and reflect on our common Lenten journey, so make sure to set aside time!