Loyola Community Heads to Spain on Ignatian Pilgrimage

Ignatius Family Crest

Fri, 06/12/2015

A group of 25 Loyola Community members head to Spain this weekend to participate in a twelve-day Ignatian pilgrimage led by Father Ted Dziak, S.J., Vice-President of Mission & MInistry and Father Bob Gerlich, S.J., Associater Professor of History at Loyola.  The group includes four Loyola Board members and six Loyola faculty & staff.  

The trip to Spain will allow the participants to visit the historical sites where Saint Ignatius lived and prayed.  Arriving in Bibao, the group will visit the beautiful Guggenheim museum and then depart and arrive at Ignatius's home at Loyola, staying in a hotel right next door to the Sanctuary.

They then travel to Javier to visit the castle of St. Francis Xavier, Ignatius's closest friend and companion.   They continue on to the magnificient shrine at Montserrat to the cave at Manresa, where Ignatius had his spiritual ephiphany of faith. They will end in Barcelona, visiting the Sagrada Santa Familia Cathedral and celebrate their ten days as a community in a final meal and reflection together.

We send our prayers with our Loyola community as their are inspired by Ignatius and his companions.