Louisiana Flood Relief Volunteer Opportunities

Thu, 08/18/2016

The Loyola University New Orleans Community continues to support our sisters and brothers who are suffering from the effects of flooding across Southeast Louisiana.  In addition to prayers and monetary offerings, many opportunities to give through direct service of time and talent are available.  Here are a few options for individuals and organizations to consider.  Additional opportunities will be shared as the information becomes available.


The Saint Bernard Project

St. Bernard Project is a disaster resilience and recovery organization founded in St. Bernard Parish in 2006 in response to Hurricane Katrina. Their mission is to shrink the time between disaster and recovery. Work in the Greater Baton Rouge area will include gutting and mucking homes, followed by rebuilding.



Second Harvest Food Bank

Second Harvest is in need of volunteers to help in their Community Kitchen (700 Edwards Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70123, 504.734.1322). They will be preparing meals to send out to the flood victims across Louisiana.  Volunteers must be at least 15 years old to work in the Community Kitchen.  If you are an individual, please sign up using the online volunteer calendar. If you are a group of 5 or more, please contact Vanessa Cave-Herazo atvcaveherazo@secondharvest.org.  They are also taking monetary, food and cleaning supplies donation. 



Together Baton Rouge

Together Baton Rouge is a coalition of more than 40 religious congregations and community-based organizations in the Greater Baton Rouge area.  In order to meet the immediate needs or people affected by the flooding is to put in Amazon Prime orders for basic necessities, which will be delivered directly to people the next day.  They are looking for three things in the immediate future make this work:

1.  You can make a donation to support their efforts.
2.  Volunteers are needed at their office to call and follow up with people who responded to their survey.  
3.  Get the survey out as broadly as possible.  The link to the survey is http://lafloodsurvey.com/.  Please send the link to everyone you know with damage, especially those with immediate needs.  People do not need to live in Baton Rouge to respond.  


Benefit Concert

"From NOLA with Love," is a benefit concert coordinated by Martha Alguera, founder of Music Synergy 504.  It will be held Saturday, September 10 at the Howlin' Wolf.  Click here for more information or go to the concert's Facebook page.


Grace Episcopal Church of West Feliciana

Grace Episcopal Church of West Feliciana is coordinating volunteer groups.  Please contact:

Fr. Roman D. Roldan


Other ways you can help


Through our many years of service and our experience following Hurricane Katrina, we have learned that sometimes the best way for an individual to help is to contribute through a trusted relief organization. Here are some of our recommendations:

Catholic Charities
Red Cross
United Way Southeast Louisiana
Salvation Army


Campus Collection

The following unused items will be collected in the University Ministry Office, Bobet 104. Other collection sites on campus will be available once established.
•         Clorox wipes
•         Diapers
•         Wipes
•         Formula
•         Water
•         Blankets
•         Sheets
•         Pillows
•         Feminine hygiene products
•         Toiletries
•         Pre-packaged snacks
•         Towels
•         Contractor bags
•         Cleaning supplies
•         Detergent
•         Fans
•         Paper towels/rags

Due to the difficulty of collecting and delivering appropriate clothing suitable for those in need during this crisis, Loyola will not be soliciting clothing.  However, there are many groups that can be found online who are accepting clothing donations if individuals would like to contribute in that way.