Ignatian Awards Awarded at Baccalaureate Mass on Friday


Sat, 05/09/2015

During graduation ceremonies, Loyola's highest student awards are presented:  the Ignatian Award.  At the Baccalureate Mass on May 8th the Ignatian award was given by Loyola to two graduating seniors and one graduate student,

Pedro BenitezPedro Benitez is the recipient of the Ignatian Outstanding Senior Man award.  Pedro graduates magna cum laude with a degree in economics.  He played an active role in Loyola's University Honors Program, establishing “Mission Imprint,” a literacy program in which Honors students work at least weekly with 170 k-2 grade students at a charter school for children living in poverty.  It is now in its third cohort.  He said that his Loyola education has taught him to always be his best for others. 

Annie McClureAnnie McClure is the recipient of the Ignatian Outstanding Senior Woman award. Annie was a double major in biology and Latin American Studies. She graduates magna cum laude with university honors. Annie worked as a public health research scholar in Loyola’s Biology department, where she did vital research in the hopes of reducing the Chagas disease present in the main kissing bug species in Central America.  At Loyola, she served as retreat leader for the First-Year Retreat and an Ignacio Volunteer/ Belize volunteer and Team Leader. “The Jesuit values are alive in me and along with each value I see the faces of the people who formed them within me and prepared me for this moment,” said Annie. 

Warren HebertRecipient of the Ignatian Outstanding Graduate Student award is: Warren Hebert, a graduate student who received a doctorate in nursing practice. He was selected Honor Scholar for the Post MSN-DNP cohort. Warren’s capstone project evaluated home health nurse competencies in support of family caregivers. He keeps up the Loyola School of Nursing Alumni Facebook page. He led a group of healthcare professionals to Tibetan Buddhist communities in northern India in October of 2014.

The Spirit of St. Ignatius Award for Outstanding Law Graduate was given at the Law Graduation Mass on May 7 to Collin Melancon at the Law Graduate Mass.  Collin is a graduate of L.S.U. (2011) who graduates academically in the top 1% of the civil law division.   He was a member of the Loyola Law Review, First place winner in the ILS Pre-Vis Moot Arbitration Competeion; Honor Board Chief Justice, St Thomas More Scoiety, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, Catholic Youth Minnister.  

We congratulate the winners of Loyola's student awards.