Iggy Vols Return from Christmas Trips Filled with Love and Stories


Sat, 01/10/2015

During the holiday break, when most students are recuperating from finals week, a total of 37 Loyola undergraduates and staff traveled abroad to take part in the Ignacio Volunteer Winter Programs.

Twenty Loyola students headed to Belize on Dec 26 while another eleven Loyola students traveled to Kingston, Jamaica on Dec 27 as Ignacio Volunteers served ten days in international immersional experiences.

The Belize Iggy Vols venture to the Mayan villages of Belize and facilitated two Christmas Camps for primary school children.  

Fourteen students and staff taught over 100 students in the Village of Santa Cruz, led by staff Edwin Madera, Shemicia Calice, Jesuit Center Fellow and  Peter Stewart.  

In the village of San Jose, Fr Ted Dziak, S.J., Vice-President of Mission & Ministry and alumnus David McChesney led a group of eight members of Loyola's Baseball team where the group taught in the mornings and shared baseball skills in the afternoons. 

Iggy Vols traveling to Jamaica worked with disadvantaged elderly at Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity Home in Kingston as well as with young people with mental and physical disabilities at the Missionaries of the Poor.

The Jamaica team was led by Heather Malveaux, Coordinator of Immersion programs and staff Samuel Bradley Jr., Assistant Director of Alumni Relations for Alumni Engagement. 

The groups met all semester with weekly meetings. The meetings serve the purpose of preparing the students emotionally, financially and spiritually for their experience abroad. Facilitators organized and led joint fundraising projects, service projects and open reflections that worked to instill the core values of the Ignacio Volunteers: service, community and spirituality. 

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