Heather Mavleaux invited to the Convocation of Black Catholic Leaders


Mon, 08/29/2016

Heather Malveux, Mission and Ministry’s Coordinator of International Immersion Programs and Resident Minister, has been invited to participate in the Convocation of Black Catholic leaders to be held in September in Washington, DC.  The Convocation aims to develop a coordinated response to the issues of racism, inequality, poverty, and violence and to foster awareness about how these issues are being addressed.  The two-day conference, being held in Alexandria, VA, is cosponsored by the National Black Catholic Congress and the Josephite Pastoral Center. 

Ms. Malveaux is a 2008 graduate of Loyola University New Orleans. She has dual Masters degrees (Masters of Public Service & Masters of Public Health) from the Clinton School of Public Service / University of Arkansas.  Heather has been active with the Office of Mission and Ministry and Ignacio Volunteers since her junior year at Loyola.  She currently serves as a committee member on the Black Lives Matter Symposium at Xavier University and on the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board at Loyola University and is teaching a class, Unveiling Urban Racism, for the Honors Program.