Heartland Delta Faculty Conversations 2013

Eloquentia Perfecta

February 22-24, 2013
Loyola University New Orleans

The theme of the Heartland Delta Faculty Conversations 2013 is 'Eloquentia Perfecta.'  

What is 'Eloquentia Perfecta'?   There are three components of eloquentia perfecta.   Robert Grimes, S.J., the dean of Fordham College at Lincoln Center in New York defines it: “'First of all is…the right use of reason; the second one is to be able to express your thoughts into words; and the third one is to [communicate] gracefully, that is, do it in a way so that people are willing to listen to what you say.' The eloquentia concept emerges out of the rhetorical studies of the ancient Greeks, but it was codified in the Jesuit tradition in 1599 with the Ratio Studiorum, the official plan of studies for Jesuit teaching institutions.  -- America magazine (May 16, 2011)  

See videos of the addresses here:

Session One:  Steven Mailloux, Cynthia Gannett, and John Brereton

Session Two:  Judith Rock

History of Heartland Delta

This Heartland Delta Faculty Conversations conference will consider all forms of rhetorical expression -- from the written word to visual arts, film and media.   And the conference will use its New Orleans location to bring a cajun flavor to the meeting.   


We look forward to hosting you at Loyola University New Orleans.  We hope you can join us. 




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