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The Ignacio Volunteer Jamaica Faculty/ Staff Alumni Program:  Ten Loyola faculty / staff and alumni participated on an eight-day service immersion program to Kingston, Jamaica on May 17 - 25, 2014.  This trip will be offered annually and will again be offered in May 2015.  For more information, Cick HERE >>>

The Ignatian Faculty Fellows Program is a new program for Loyola faculty, its second cohort is just finishing its work in May 2014.   Each Fellow is part of a semester-long, bi-weekly seminar meeting faciltated by IFFP director, Dr. John Sebastian.  The next Cohort will begin in Spring 2015.  For more information, click HERE >> or contact John Sebastian at jtsebast@loyno.edu or call (504) 865-2277.

The Ignatian Staff Fellows Program offers staff the opportunity to participate in a year-long workshop on Jesuit education and Ignatian values.  Participants in the program will conclude their experience with a deeper understanding of the history and educational mission of the Society of Jesus and of the intellectual, spiritual, and social dimensions of Ignatian spirituality. This experience will consist of reading, written reflections, group discussions, workshops, retreats, and an immersion trip.  The program is directed by Robert Reed, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, and Dr. Ricardo Marquez, Assistant Director of the Jesuit Center.  Recruitment for the next Cohort will begin in Spring 2015. For more information, please contact Ricardo Marquez at rmarquez@loyno.edu or (504) 865-2877.

Centering Prayer:  Centering Prayer has been defined as "the total disarmament of the heart."  It is a prayer that lets go of all thoughts and words, and enables the person to be present to God with only an infinite desire to love and be loved unconditionally.   Offered (on the main campus) every Tuesday during the academic year, from 12:30pm to 1:00pm (After the Daily Mass) in Ignatius Chapel/ Bobet Hall.   Also offered on the Broadway Campus every Thursday from 12:00pm to 12:30pm in the Martha and Mary Chapelin Greenville Hall.  Contact Ricardo Marquez at rmarquez@loyno.edu or (504) 865-2877

Vitamins for the Soul:  An afternoon of reflection and spiritual community-building offered to offices and departments and colleges at Loyola. For more information, contact Ricardo Marquez at rmarquez@loyno.edu or (504) 865-2877. 

Faculty Connections: A monthly lunch with Faculty to talk about issues of interest. An opportunity to be aware of the connections between one another’s work and build relationship toward the common mission.

Faculty Conversations: Follow up dialogues to the issues of “Conversations” on Jesuit Higher Education, published twice a year (Fall and Spring). In this encounter, Faculty has the chance to share thoughts and reflections about topics of common interest among the Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU).


THE IGNATIAN COLLEAGUES PROGRAM (ICP):  An eighteen-month Jesuit Leadership program for faculty and staff.   It includes on-line courses, an international immersion program and a guided retreat.  Two Ignatian Collegaues participate each cycle, with recruitment in the late fall each year.  Faciltated by the Association of Jesuit Colleges and University (AJCU).  For more information, click HERE  If interested, contact Fr. Ted Dziak, S.J., Vice-President for Mission and Ministry.

MAGIS RETREAT: This national retreat will provide faculty and administrators from Jesuit colleges an opportunity to integrate Ignatian spirituality into their professional and personal lives.  Based on the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola, it is six days of prayer, reflection, and focused conversations. This is a unique blend between an academic conference, which emphasizes intellectual give and take, and an Ignatian retreat, which emphasizes primarily the individual’s encounter with God.  The Magis Retreat is held in June each year.  For more information click HERE    If interested in attending, contact Ricardo Marquez.



CONVERSATIONS magazine:  A wonderful collection of articles on Jesuit Higher Education.  Click HERE >>> to read past issues.

SACRED SPACE:  A web site to cultivate a moment of prayer, silent and alignment each day.  Created by the Irish Jesuits.  Click HERE >>>

SPIRITUAL EXERCISES:  Loyola Press offers an on-line retreat (31 Days) with Saint Ignatius.  Click HERE >>>   

The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU):  Do you know that there are 28 other Jesuit Colleges and Universities in the United States?   Want to find out who they are?   There are lots of colleagues, experiences and resources to learn of...  Click HERE for more....

JESUIT COMMONS: Higher Education at the Margins:  A first-of-its-kind initiative is bringing higher education to some of the world's poorest people and empowering a millions-strong network of individuals to collaborate on a range of poverty eradication projects.  Loyola University wants to join efforts with "Jesuit Commons, Higher Education at the Margins.   To learn more, Click HERE >>

In September 2013, a group of Faculty and Staff gathered to share information about the differant projects that Jesuit Commons are developing in Africa, Jordan and Syria.  After fruitful dialogue , the group decided to disseminate the information about this project and encourage faculty and staff to find specific subjects or topics that we can offer to the Jesuit Commons program in the near future.

These are the challenges: "How do we bring relable energy and internet access to the more remote, rugged and oftentimes politically volatile place? How do we deliver academic content that is effective, sensitive and culturally relevant? How do we coordinate and sustain the largly volunteer network of faculty and others that is needed to build a truly global enterprise, all with limited resources?"  To learn more, contact Ricardo Marquez, Assistant Director of the Jesuit Center. 


Share with us your favorite Passage(s) or Quote(s).   Send it to  Ricardo Marquez at rmarquez@loyno.edu

 "Great love has the potential to open the heart space and then the mind space. Great suffering has the potential to open the mind space, and the the heart space. Eventually, both spaces need to be opened.                                                                                                                                 Suffering can lead you in either directions:It can make you very bitter and close you down. Or it can make you wise, compassionate, and utterly open, either because your heart has been softened, or perhaps because suffering makes you feel like you have nothing more to lose...                         Love, I beleive, is the only way to initially and safely open the door of awareness and aliveness, and then suffering for that love keeps that door open and available for ever grater growth. They are two great doors, and we dare not leave them closed"

Richard Rohr, The Naked Now, Crossroad Publishing, NY, 2009, pp. 125-128.


All Books below available in our Library at The Jesuit Center, Bobet 110 or at your local on-line bookstore

  • Discovering your Dream.  How Ignatian Spirituality Can Guide Your Life by Gerald M. Fagin, S.J (Loyola Press, 2013)

    "God has a dream for each one of us. God has planted desires in the depths of our hearts that expand our hearts and open new possibilities in our lives. God's dream for us is a passion within us that will allow for no substitute, and this dream is a restlessness that will find rest only in God...The challenge of our lives is to discover, name, and embrace that dream>" (p.vii)

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