Freshman retreat 2011

Office of Mission + Ministry

To Create a More Just and Humane World

The Office of Mission and Ministry (M&M) is dedicated to preserving, supporting, and fostering Loyola’s Jesuit and Catholic mission.

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'Vitamins for the Soul' Continues to Build Community During the hot Summer Months


Ricardo Marquez recently facilitated two group of Loyola staff in a summer gathering that allowed them to participate in the Vitamins for the Soul program. The Stallings Hall staff came together on June 18 and the College of Humanities and Natural Sciences (HuNS) staff came together on June 25.

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Joe Albin will profess simple vows as a Dominican

Dominican Order

On Sunday, August 10, 2014, Joe Albin, former University Ministry Intern (LIM '12), will profess his simple vows for the Dominican order. Congratulations to Joe -- our prayers go with you!

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Welcome to the Class of 2018!

HNJ Church

New Student Orientation soon begins with the new Loyola students of the Class of 2018 arriving on campus. The first Orientation starts on June 22.

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