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Office of Mission + Ministry

To Create a More Just and Humane World

The Office of Mission and Ministry (M&M) is dedicated to preserving, supporting, and fostering Loyola’s Jesuit and Catholic mission.

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Prayers Offered for Jesuit Father Raul Navarro, S.J. who died suddenly.

Prayers from the Loyola community are offered to the the Jesuits for the loss of Father Raul Navarro, S.J. , a Jesuit priest who once worked at Loyola University New Orleans in the Office of Fiance and Administration.

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Loyola Community Heads to Spain on Ignatian Pilgrimage

Ignatius Family Crest

A group of 25 Loyola Community members head to Spain this weekend to participate in a twelve-day Ignatian pilgrimage led by Fathers Dziak and Gerlich. The group follows the footsteps of Ignatius, from his birthplace in his Loyola castle to the cave an Manresa.

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LUCAP Co-Founder honored with Adjutor Hominum Award, top Alumni award

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Mary Baudouin (Class of 1978) was named as the winner of Loyola's top alumni award, Ajutor Hominum award. It is given to an alumnus who best exemplifies the values and philiosophy of Jesuit education - moral character, service and integrity.

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